Important Characters: Mullet Something

Mullet Something is a new playable character in Jeebo & Jerbo vs. The Wall

He is a Mr. Something, a race of bioelectrically powered creatures that generate said electricity by running. They must run at all times or else they will quickly die. However, the faster they run, the more electricity they produce. They can then attack foes or destroy obstacles with this excess electricity.

Mullet Something is a playable character unlocked in chapter 2 of Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life. He starts off being enrolled in University Something, the premiere university in all of Mr. Somewhere. He is studying to become a barber, but feels he already knows enough to start working in the field. This causes him to be very bored with school, and eventually drops out to go on adventures with Jeebo, Jerbo, and the baby bird.

What will happen to him next? Find out in Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life chapter 2, Jeebo & Jerbo vs. The Wall!

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